These are the regular schedule of trips of public ferries from Sabang Beach to Batangas......

But you know,
 the most of the schedules in the Philipiines are upon their condition.......zzzzz..  
It means
that these are only for  the references......

 you just guess that there supposed to have banca trips 
every hour in the morning
and two or three trips in the afternoon....

 you have to learn how to be patient to wait !!!!!!  

But this may be one of good experiences in here, Philippines...
 you are waiting, you have time to meet Filipinos 
and will have their hospitality...
And..... many
 difference how you to live 
compare to them

Your way what you have
 can be wrong? or right?

re_maribel 058.jpg  re_maribel 063.jpg
                                                                                  re_maribel 059.jpg re_maribel 060.jpg